NWSCCG response on the future of Weybridge Health Centre

The NWSCCG have today published their report of the two meetings held in October to inform and consult with local residents on the short and longer term future of the Weybridge Health Centre.

The NHS panel

Of crucial interest to Weybridge is the CCG’s position on replacing the Walk-in Centre service on the site.  Extracts on this subject are:

Are the treatment room services going back on site just to support the GP practices and Weybridge patients, or for wider use?

It is the CCG’s intention to support the re-provision of treatment room services for the wider population and as such we have requested proposals from our Providers.

Will there be a Walk-in Centre in the new building?

Before we decide exactly which services will be in the new building, we want to engage the local community and our partners to make sure the new facility provides the right services to meet the needs of the local population.

We understand the history and passion for the Walk-in Centre, and we will need to take that into account when planning our consultation.  However, we think it’s right to take this opportunity to think carefully about what services we need and how services might be delivered differently, and better, in the future.

We very much want to design this new facility with the help of the local community and as part of our engagement, we will think carefully about the type of services delivered at the Walk-in Centre, and others, to make sure local people have the right access to urgent, on the day care.  Access to timely care outside of what is traditionally provided by GPs is certainly what we are thinking and wanting to bring back onto the site.

You will find more questions from people who attended the meetings and the NWSCCG’s responses on a dedicated page on the NWSCCG website.

Grants for business

Elmbridge borough has grants to aid businesses  via the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund.  Weybridge is the biggest claimer for funds in Elmbridge.  The aim is to support the growth of the local economy.  Funding can help you business with:

  • Shop fronts and signage
  • marketing and promotion
  • town centre events
  • streetscape improvements
  • learning, skills and training

Contact 01932 474 216, email business@elmbridge.gov.uk or click here.

Funding available for local community projects

This is a great opportunity for our local charities and voluntary groups which are now invited to apply for the Elmbridge borough’s annual grants fund.  Awards up to £4,000 to groups supporting people in need in the local community are available. Previous years’ initiatives have included carer respite programmes, family advocacy support, crime prevention schemes, and purchasing of equipment.

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Andrew Davis commented: “This is a great opportunity for voluntary organisations in and around Weybridge to support initiatives that directly benefit the vulnerable people in our community”.  This is your chance to apply.

A Voluntary Sector Forum will take place at 2.30 – 5.30pm, on Friday, 24 November at the Civic Centre in Esher, when advice will be given on how to apply for a grant.

For more information, or to request an application form, contact the borough’s voluntary sector support office on 01372 474543 or scampbell@elmbridge.gov.uk.  Forms can be downloaded here.

Making Our Taxis Safer

Taxis need to be licenced by local governments, this ensures some level of safety  for the customer.  At the moment each borough in Surrey sets their own rules for granting taxi licences. It is proposed to bring all Surrey boroughs in line with the aim of increasing the safety of the public.

Elmbridge borough is asking for your views on its plans to increase protection of  children and vulnerable persons when using licenced taxis.

The biggest change proposed is to make child sexual exploitation awareness training compulsory for all drivers. The other major change is that criminal convictions and general behavior of the driver be taken into account before a licence is granted. At the moment, a driver denied a licence in one borough of Surrey could reapply in a different borough. The proposed changes would prevent this.

Contact the council with your views before 4 December at here or contact us.  Changes agreed would be announced in early 2018.

Weybridge Hall

The Elmbridge Liberal Democrat coalition put forward a proposal for the conversion of the Weybridge Hall into a cinema with flats above.  This was agreed by the council on 19 April this year.

This would be a great addition to the evening economy with people typically adding a meal or drinks to the occasion.  Ample parking is directly opposite.  The intention is for the cinema to run throughout the day – running less mainstream movies for the young and old.

The specific tenure of the flats will change over time but they will be part of our programme to meet our social housing needs.  There will be five or six self-contained flats for the upper floors, to be either affordable units, temporary homeless accommodation or general needs affordable housing.

One of the key aspects of the design is to ensure that the acoustics are perfect not just for the cinema goers but for the residents above and the neighbours surrounding the development.

There are several steps still to go.  The operators of the cinema will need to be decided.  Planning permission too is required and, all being well, the construction will begin in the spring.

Weybridge Spine Cycleway

We have been promoting a cycleway through Weybridge for a number of years and despite many setbacks, practical steps are now being made.  The cycleway will link Byfleet to Weybridge and pass by M&S, Tescos, The Heights, The London and Brooklands Museum,  Brooklands College, Heathside School, St George’s School, the station and the town centre, The cycleway is in three parts:

  • The southern end meets the Byfleet cycleway at the Elmbridge/Woking border at Brooklands and passes through the park, past the Brooklands museum, alongside the railway to the station. It is proposed that the section from the Mercedes Benz world and the Heights to the station will be well lit.
  • The middle part will travel parallel to Heath Road and via an upgraded Springrose path and Springfield Lane to Monument Green
  • The northern part will link Monument Green with the Thames Pathway and Wey Navigation Path

The southern section is being developed first.  This and the middle section require access to common land and therefore, subject to public consultation which ends on 27 November, the permission of the Secretary of State.  The Elmbridge Countryside Consultative Group has already endorsed the scheme.

Alongside this various land permissions and cycle orders are required to accompany the business case the Elmbridge and Surrey have to make to unlock the allocated local enterprise partnership funding for the project.

The aim is to finalise the project’s business case in December 2017 in order to submit the application in January 2018 for opening in 2019/20.

Late Night Licence Application – Weybridge

The premises,  previously Sullivan’s Wine Bar, is proposed as a restaurant/entertainment place selling alcohol.  It would be open past 11pm

There is a notice in the window asking for local objectors to write to:
Borough of Elmbridge
Civic Centre
1 High Street
KT10 9SD

(email or phone is not sufficient – they will only take notice of written objections)

Health Centre Meetings

Two open meetings were held at a packed St James Church on 16th October to provide the Weybridge community with information on local health services following the destruction of the health centre by fire.

St James’ Parish Church, packed out.

A panel composed of representatives from the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS Property Services, our two GP practices, and Central Surrey Health opened the meeting with a presentation on the status of temporary services locally.  After this, the floor was opened to local residents to ask questions and make comments.

The NHS panel

Temporary provision

The health centre site has now been cleared of debris and about 20 portakabins are being installed to accommodate Church Street and Rowan Tree practices, including Treatment Room services. These are likely to be open to patients by the end of November.  There will also be a Lloyds Pharmacy on the site some time in December.


The number of temporary buildings is restricted to allow space for the rebuilding project. A  Walk-In centre service will not be available on-site. The hospital based Walk-In centres at Woking, St Peter’s and Ashford are continuing to provide this service for the time being. Walk-in centre staff from Weybridge have been deployed to these centres.

Residents commented on the difficulty of accessing these sites for Walk-In services owing to heavy traffic and poor public transport links.


Permanent site

Despite assurances that there will be a permanent health centre with two GP practices on the site, the CCG Chairman also said the new provision would not necessarily offer the same scope of services as before the fire. The panel emphasised that public opinion and local needs would be taken into account in the design of the new health centre, but said no guarantees could be given that the Walk-In centre would be restored. Unsurprisingly, many members of the community present expressed their concern and consternation at this.

Local Councillor, Andrew Davis, is clear as to the Liberal Democrat standpoint: “We must ensure that the services we want in Weybridge are kept in Weybridge. Not only is it important to protect the services we had, we must also take this opportunity to secure better services for the future.”

In response to a question, the meetings were told that there would be about the same number of car parking spaces at the site as before.

Fit for the future

The CCG Chairman told the meeting that current government health policy is for primary and community care to be at the centre of local health services.  He stressed that the North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group share the goal of the NHS National Strategy to provide a service which runs 7 days a week, from 8am – 8pm (reduced hours at weekends, depending on local needs).  Reducing pressure on hospitals is a central part of the NHS National  Strategy.  To help achieve this locally, a fund will be made available from the NHS from mid-2018 to increase the number of GP appointments offered across NW Surrey from 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 a year.

The meeting was informed that the vision for Weybridge was to provide ‘a new service model, fit for the future’ in line with that provided by Woking Community Hospital. The model ‘hub’ service provision is up and running in Woking thanks to new technology, enhanced facilities and an online booking process.

“We can’t wait to get back to Weybridge”

The GPs representing the two practices at the meeting said, “We can’t wait to get back to Weybridge.” They reassured those present that despite a workforce crisis in general practice, new doctors were being recruited to fill gaps, a phone consultation service would be available and that a newly installed phone system will give better patient access to the GP practices.

If you would like to be kept informed about the future design of the new healthcare facility or be involved in a patient consultation group, contact:

NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group   Tel: 01372 232463,

email: nwsccg.comms@nhs.net

Further information can be found on www.nwsurreyccg.nhs.uk