Out of hospital services in North West Surrey

Residents of Weybridge have been invited by the North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) to contribute their views on plans for out of hospital services in our area. The launch of this engagement is an event on Tuesday 2nd October, running from 3-8 pm at the Ship Hotel.

What services for Weybridge?

While the focus of the engagement goes beyond just the Weybridge Hospital rebuild, it is particularly pertinent for Weybridge. The CCG notice about the events says: “Following this engagement we will be better placed to determine the services that will eventually go into the new healthcare facility that will be built on the site of the old Weybridge Hospital.”

Register to attend

CCG staff will be able to give attendees a greater opportunity to put their views if attendance is spread out. People wishing to attend can sign up in advance and select a 30 minute time slot.

Elmbridge and Skin Cancer

When comparing the quality of life in Elmbridge to that of England as a whole the people of Elmbridge do strikingly well.   In the English benchmark for deprivation (number of people living in an area of the most deprived 20% of the country) Elmbridge scores nil – Kensington and Chelsea scores as poorly as 24% in deprivation as does Westminster.

Elmbridge Health

Three quarters of Elmbridge people are in the top 20% of England and around 90% are in the top half for England. But averages can hide pockets of greatly disadvantaged people in corners of our borough.

You can look at all the health indicators here

In nearly all indicators Elmbridge is in the top quarter.  There are only two indicators whereby Elmbridge is worse than the national average: excess winter deaths and skin cancer.

Could it be that Elmbridge burghers holiday in the sun too often without protecting themselves against the sun’s rays?  For a more detailed summary of Elmbridge folk click on this: Elmbridge Health Profile 2014

Elmbridge Grants for Volunteer Groups

Elmbridge Borough recognises the vital role that voluntary sector organisations play in Elmbridge and it has increased its grant programme from £20,800 to £45,000 next year. The grant is an effective way for the borough supporting voluntary organisations which support people in need in Elmbridge and many good causes.

Organisations in the voluntary sector are invited to apply for funding from 1 November for the financial year 2014/15, applications can be submitted for running costs, equipment or project costs, in particular to support vulnerable groups in the community. Previously successful grants have been given to projects supporting people with learning disabilities, community voluntary car schemes and counselling for people suffering from bereavement.

Since 2012 there have been over seventy successful applicants and so many innovative and creative initiatives and schemes have been developed as a result. In addition further voluntary sector organisations have been supported through our Jubilee Fund Scheme.

Apply online or for a paper application form, please contact:

Voluntary Sector Support Office
Elmbridge Borough
1 High Street
KT10 9SD

telephone 01372 474549 or email commservices@elmbridge.gov.uk

Applicants should state which application they require, for example if they are applying for £2,000 or less they require a small application form, if they are applying for over £2,000 they should request a medium application form.

Bus to Hospital

Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust has decided to cease operating the Peterbus from 29 March 2013.  The number of passengers has been dropping year on year with an average now of just five passengers per journey.  The trust says that it is the only hospital trust in the country currently running a public bus service of this nature.

And whilst there are good public transport links to St Peter’s Hospital from much of the local area it is working closely with Surrey County Council to help make sure the right travel options continue to be available for as many people as possible. Surrey County Council have signalled their commitment to talking with other transport providers regarding ways of getting people to the hospital which could involve adjusting local bus services or providing community style transport as an alternative.

If you have a view on the ending of the Peterbus services please contact the trust on travel@asph.nhs.uk (please copy me in) or call it on 01932 722882.