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Love Elmbridge – Back the plan

Liberal Democrat Councillors on Elmbridge Borough Council are urging residents to get behind the Council’s new Local Plan or risk thousands of new homes being imposed across Elmbridge.

The Liberal Democrats, working with Resident Councillors, have put forward a Draft Local Plan for Regulation 19 Consultation, prior to submission to the Government Inspector, that will deliver the homes we need and protect the character of our Borough including its precious Green Belt. But there is a danger that Government Inspectors will reject it and force national planning rules on our area.

Cllr Bruce McDonald, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on the Council said, “This Local Plan has been forged by listening to what our residents have said. It will provide a sustainable housing number for Elmbridge, whilst protecting and enhancing the character of the Borough. It will help our high streets and communities thrive whilst protecting our Green Belt.“

“We have built our plan from the bottom up, and it allows for at least 100 affordable homes a year – not the unrealistic and unachievable housing targets imposed by the Conservative government.”

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Esher and Walton, Monica Harding, added “I know how much everyone who lives in our borough cares about its future. People to whom I talk want to see an approach which is balanced and sustainable, recognises that we need affordable homes for young people whilst protecting the quality of the environment and the Green Belt. 

“The planning system can’t make housing more affordable or solve the housing crisis by itself. We need national policy which tackles the chronic and long-term shortage of affordable housing and national policies which make housing more affordable, not less.”

Elmbridge Borough Council will be running a final consultation over June and July 2022 before the Local Plan is submitted to the Government Inspectors.  Please sign our petition to send a strong message that local people want to support our community and protect our local Green Belt.

Key points of the Council’s Local Plan 

  1. The Plan allows for 465 homes per year over 15 years, not the 647 pushed for by the Conservative Government.
  2. The Plan will protect the green belt and enhance green infrastructure and biodiversity in the borough.
  3. The Plan will shape development in the urban area to meet the needs of our communities, whilst respecting and enhancing the unique characters of our towns and villages.

Give the plan your support!

Help us call on the Planning Inspectorate to support Elmbridge Borough Council’s Local Plan.

The Regulation 19 Consultation closed on 29 Jul 2022 at 16:00 – but you can still show your support by signing our petition.