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Monica Harding thanks local voters and activists for their support

The Liberal Democrat candidate Monica Harding fought a powerful campaign in the General Election in Esher & Walton – gaining 28,389 votes against the current Tory MP Dominic Raab’s 31,132. Although Monica was 2,743 short of winning the contest, the result showed a strong swing towards the Liberal Democrats – in fact the largest swing […]

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We are not a ‘safe seat’ any longer

The old adage about ‘safe seats’ does not apply in the Esher & Walton constituency any longer. Here’s the proof. Elmbridge voted decisively ‘remain’ in the European election by voting for the Liberal Democrats – ahead of the Brexit Party and the Conservatives. And the most recent YouGov poll in the Esher & Walton constituency […]

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CIL Bids in Weybridge

When most new developments in Weybridge are built the developer has to pay a tax referred to as CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) to help fund any increased needs locally, as  a consequence of the building. This infrastructure can be equipment for schools, health centres, community centres or safer or better designed streets.  CIL funds may only […]

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Financial crisis worsens at County Hall as Tories ask Surrey residents to pay more for less

Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council (SCC) have criticised the Conservative-administration for budget proposals containing £54m of further cuts to services and a 6% council tax rise. The budget recommendations are due be approved by the County Council on Tuesday 6th February. Liberal Democrats are concerned that a rise of nearly 6% is “unaffordable for many Surrey […]

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Tackling the housing crisis

The housing crisis in Britain has become an emergency. For far too long Britain has built many fewer homes than we need. Unless we build enough to meet demand, year after year, we will find that housing costs rise further out of reach. Just to catch up with what we need today, we have to […]


Liberal Democrats say NO to 15% increase

Liberal Democrat County Councillors strongly oppose the proposal to increase the county council element of the council tax by 15% and have launched a petition against it, which has already been signed by hundreds of Surrey residents. The petition will send a message to the county hall and national government that the tax is unfair, […]

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Who gets our taxes

We pay £45.50 everyday in taxes, on average, here in Elmbridge – that’s for every man, woman and child living in the borough. We pay Elmbridge 34p a day, Surrey £2.48 a day, Britain £42.15 a day and Europe 55p a day. Because, on average, we in Elmbridge are richer than the average person in […]

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More housing control from Westminster

National governments often claim that they support local democracy; however, the evidence is often otherwise. Take housing benefit – part of the £12bn in welfare savings is to be made by the national government instructing boroughs to reduce their rents.  This will save the national government £1.4bn in housing benefit by reducing rents paid to […]

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Tories slash Surrey education funding by £250 million

Conservatives will cut the education budget by £253 million in Surrey by 2020 if they were in national government on their own, official research shows. The Tories would be forced to slash local spending on schools,colleges, and nurseries to keep pace with George Osborne’s plan to drastically reduce spending. The research, based on official House […]

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What’s your view on CIL funding?

Weybridge begins its first CIL consultations on individual grants.  There is one grant to consider.  The consultation runs to 15 August 2014. It allows four weeks for you to have your say on the proposed community project application before the Weybridge local spending board makes its final decision.   The application forms and questionnaires are […]