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Parking Reporting Back

As mentioned in a previous post, this year Surrey has sought requests for on-street parking changes for the people of Weybridge.  A number of the requests were accepted for implementation – although more were rejected. Dorchester, Gascoigne, Limes and Minorca There were a few requests for residents’ permit schemes.  All bar Bloomfield Court were rejected.  Despite […]

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Weybridge town meetings

In my May 2018 election literature I promised to run town meetings, if elected. My ambition is to try and establish a kind of forum where residents and businesses in Weybridge can come together on a regular basis and talk about the kind of Weybridge we want for the future. Why did I want to […]

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Opinion & Analysis – ‘Brutopia’ – A Demonic Raabid Vision

By ‘Sam Vete’ The boundary of Esher and Walton reveals a peculiar ‘ménage à trois’ between Hampton Court and Thames Ditton; the historical figures Thomas More and Thomas Wolsey cohabit with Dominic Raab. Thomas More wrote ‘Utopia’, criticising the politics of belligerent European nations while imagining an island nation fulfilling liberal political ideals. The English […]

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Traffic in Oxshott High Street

Over the last twenty years the traffic through Oxshott High Street has generally been static with a slow rise of 6%.  Since 2014 there has been an overall rise of 8% with large  decrease in lorries.  Cycling has increase by 172% but from a very low base. The more detailed figures are here

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Air Quality in Oxshott High Street

It should be possible for more Danes Hill pupils to walk to school safely. If a second pedestrian crossing were added to Oxshott High Street near Danes Hill, this should enable more to walk to school safely.  This should also reduce rush-hour traffic and air pollution. Danes Hill School and other local schools have been […]

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Cycling in Oxshott, Fairmile and Stoke

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.  H G. Wells Cllr John O’Reilly, who represents Hersham at Surrey and is also the chair of Surrey Elmbridge Local Committee, is known as a cyclist and is keen to make cycling safer in Elmbridge.  To do so, would […]

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Blundels Lane Bridge

The By-election Conservative Manifesto says: Improve Blundel Lane Railway Bridge: This vital link is a major hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and riders. As a first step, I will press for a feasibility study to be conducted to examine options for improving access and safety for all users of this bridge.  This bridge has been like […]

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CIL – your FAQs

It sounds like there is CIL money every year.  Does it have to be spent in that year? No.  The CIL is like a bank account.  Before a development may begin the CIL is paid into the account.  From this account, projects are paid for.  Spend less one year and their is more to spend […]

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Here is an answer to removing potholes from the highway.  Seven Hills Road could be done in one night. Here is a version with a roller. Here is a version that cuts and seals too. Seven Hills Road potholes could be repaired in the early hours (2am to 4am)  – except one or two of […]

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The Elmbridge Liberal Democrat/Residents’ coalition put forward a proposal for the conversion of the Weybridge Hall into a cinema with flats above.  This was agreed by the council on 19 April this last. Since our last report the cinema operator has been agreed and a planning application has been made. Arts cinema would be a great […]