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Celebrating Pride as a Gay Lib Dem

I first helped the Liberal Democrats at Soho Pride in 2008 when I was approached by a very good friend who is a staunch Liberal Democrat (PPC for Hackney – Dave Raval). He was running a stall for the pride event and getting signatures for a petition on homophobic bullying at schools. As I had suffered homophobic bullying at school myself I took this campaign to heart. I was soon speaking to all the passers-by gathering signatures and singing the virtues of the Liberal Democrats. After that event I updated my Facebook profile to say I was a Liberal Democrat. 

Since then I have marched in many London Pride parades with the Liberal Democrats. I am a proud member and activist for the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats successfully fought for same-sex marriage. If it wasn’t for the Liberal Democrats I would not be married to my partner today. 

The Liberal Democrats have always fought for equality, diversity, and inclusion and today we fight for Trans rights. Everyone should be able to live their life free from hate, bigotry, and discrimination. But sadly last year more than a third of Trans people in the UK were victims of a hate crime. It is so disheartening to hear in the news this month, Pride month, that Boris Johnson and his far-right Tory government are ditching the reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. We need to reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Liberal Democrats are at the forefront of that battle. That is, why I am proud to be a gay Liberal Democrat and will always march in Pride Parades under the Liberal Democrat banner!

London Pride Parade Saturday 6th July 2019

You can find out more about Pride in Surrey on their website. They are also running a Not Alone campaign for those feeling lonely during COVID-19.

Author: Patrick Combe, local member