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Churchfields Play area

Churchfields Park Playground-wey-soc333Ideas in so far.

Swinging basket thing that a few children can sit in and be pushed (there is a huge one in Bushy Park).

Any climbing frame – boys love to climb! The large webby climbing frame in Brooklands park is always popular.

Hidden trampoline, more baby swings, tunnel, basket swing.

Climbing frame, Slide with tunnel. Large circular swinging basket.

Would be great to have more rides for really young ones

Closed in roundabout like the one in Brooklands playground so that children cant get knocked over by protruding arms like the one that is already there. Rope net climber.

Super great playground, could have more benches for adults to sit in the middle and watch over more than one child who like to play at either end of the play area or in the scooter ramp bit.

The pool is getting tired.

Better climbing frames – like the one at Oatlands.

The wooden fort at the Medicine Garden is amazing.

Rope climbing apparatus.

Monkey bars, floor trampoline, spider web, a big curly slide, get the train back and bars.

Climbing frames, ropes.

Fantastic climbing frame at Hurst Park Molesey, Witches Hat, Climbing Wall

Too many pieces of equipment have been taken away such as the climbing frame, why? Older children don’t have that much to do now. We also need more swings, two baby ones and two older ones aren’t enough for the population of Weybridge.


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Andrew, what is the closure date for getting replies back to you? Also, is there an Elmbridge website page that explains what they’re planning? Thanks, John.

Small children used to love the little ‘hut’, pretending to serve cups of tea etc to their parents and friends. Things that encourage imaginative play are as important as items to ride and climb on. A sprinkler area rather than pool might be a better use of the space. There is also too little shade/shelter at present with the whole playground open to the elements.

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