Gill Smith, Chair
Old Oaks, 2a Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge KT13 9TN
T 01932 700 564  M 07864 380 081

richard-wallerRichard Waller, Deputy Chairman
12 Park Road, Esher KT10 8NP
T 01372 467118  M 07798 677 510

Mary MarshallCllr Mary Marshall, Claygate ward
12 Holroyd Road, Claygate KT10 0LG
T 01372 289 365  M 07949 021 631

Barry Fairbank SquareCllr Barry Fairbank, Long Ditton ward
2a Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge KT13 9TN
T 01932 700 564  M 07983 900 261

Alex CoomesCllr Alex Coomes, Claygate ward
9 Beaconsfield Road, Claygate KT10 0PN
T 01372 940 295  M 07082 316 389

Cllr Mike Rollings, Claygate ward
14 Oaken Lane, Claygate KT10 0RE
M 07979 706737

Cllr Christine Elmer, Walton South ward
30 Normanhurst Road, Walton KT12 3EQ                        
T 01932 245 824

Cllr Neil Houston, Long Ditton ward
16 Cumbrae Gardens, Long Ditton KT6 5EL                                                                    M 07802 400 707

Shweta Kapadia SquareCllr Shweta Kapadia, Long Ditton ward
9 Beechwood Close, Long Ditton KT6 6PF
T 020 8399 7737

Cllr Vicki Macleod, Weybridge Riverside ward
3 Clinton Close, Weybridge KT13 8NU
M 07802 400 707

Cllr Ashley Tilling,  Weybridge Riverside ward
32 Holme Chase, Weybridge KT13 0BZ
01932 820 841 M 07941 595538

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