Decorate your bin to thank our waste collectors

The refuse service has been continuing to provide a service to residents in Elmbridge. Amey do have a small increase in absence, but services are still being delivered. Please be assured that everyone involved is working very hard in the background to maintain this difficult situation. 

Residents have been most supportive and that will help their morale. It is fantastic that residents are appreciative of the waste collectors’ efforts, perhaps realising, at this difficult time how important this service really is (so often it is simply taken for granted). The latest interaction with residents has been fantastic (from a safe distance of course!)

Why not show how thankful we are to them too?

  • An activity for children or adults – draw a poster saying thank you and stick it to your bin
  • Be courteous – wipe down your bin handles before putting your bin out and please don’t forget to wash your hands. Stay well, stay safe.

Mary Marshall

Councillor for Claygate Ward
Portfolio Holder for Environment