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Dominic Raab will never be forgiven for standing by Boris Johnson through years of sleaze and scandal

Local Liberal Democrats say Raab, with his slavish devotion to Johnson, is going down with the sinking ship

Responding to Boris Johnson’s resignation, Liberal Democrat candidate for Esher and Walton, Monica Harding said:

“It has been shameful to see our MP Dominic Raab stand by Boris Johnson until the bitter end. It shows you just how out of touch he is. 

“Despite the country, Conservative MPs and members of the Cabinet calling time on Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Dominic Raab has slavishly propped him up until the very end. 

“Local people tell me they will never forgive Dominic Raab for this. 

“Instead of sorting out the great challenges our country faces, including the Cost of living crisis,  he has spent most of the last two years touring TV studios defending the lies of this shameful Prime Minister.  

“We need a local MP who will put local people’s needs over party loyalty to a Conservative party which has proven to be completely out of touch. 

“The Johnson Raab Government has reneged on its election promises, delivered unfair tax hikes on working families and failed to deliver for the country. 

“This country needs change and real leadership to deal with the cost of living crisis and record NHS waiting times. The Conservative party have proven they are not up to the job.”