Volunteer & help

COVID-19 Volunteering

We’ve added links to local organisations that need help on our Covid-19 page.


Liberal Democrat Volunteering

Everyone who volunteers for the Liberal Democrats makes a difference to both our local and national campaigns in Elmbridge.

There are many ways to get involved and we need your help.

You can:

  • Put up a poster in your window or in your car.
  • Display a poster on a stake in your garden.
  • Share our Liberal Democrat messages with your friends (in person and on Facebook)
  • Deliver leaflets in your street or the surrounding area
  • Go door-to-door with us to talk to people about our candidate and campaign
  • Volunteer at events
  • Join the campaign team
  • Donate money here
  • Become a member of the Liberal Democrats

The more people we have delivering leaflets, going door-to-door and sharing our messages with others, the more likely we are to win.

We can’t do this without you – so please join our team. 

More volunteers means more votes for the Liberal Democrats. That in turn means we can stop the Conservatives damaging our country economically, environmentally and ethically.