Elmbridge government Planning

Heathside School Paved Area & Outdoor Shelter

Weybridge CIL board has received bids for £413,000 and has a fund of £510,000 derived from CIL.

Heathside School Paved Area & Outdoor Shelter – £58,859 (matched by £47,000) – score 74%

The application is to install a canopy and paved area to create an outdoor shelter. Area that is created would provide the additional space needed for lunch, breaks and outdoor learning, as all students currently attending aren’t able to fit within the dining hall at one time. The new shelter would also be rented out for community use outside of school hours.

The school has had successful applications to the Weybridge Local Spending Board, in 2016 receiving £18,000 to improve cycle storage and in 2017 receiving £2,000 for cycle racks, as well as to the Elmbridge Strategic Spending Board in 2019 receiving £330,000 for modular temporary block replacement.

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