Elmbridge government

Lib Dems and RAs keep Elmbridge running

The Residents Associations and the Liberal Democrats look set to form the next administration of Elmbridge Borough Council.

The elections on 6 May 2021 resulted in the Residents Associations and Liberal Democrats together holding a total of 26 seats. 

The Conservative Party holds 21 seats.

On 19 May the Council will meet for its Annual Meeting which will make appointments to the Cabinet and the Committees for the Municipal Year 2021/22.

Cllr Chris Sadler, Leader of the Residents Associations said:

“We have worked well as a team rising to the challenge of the Covid Crisis and setting a balanced budget for the Council. As we emerge from the pandemic there are critical tasks ahead of us as with our partners , businesses and communities we build our recovery. We are determined to continue our work together in the interests of the people of our Borough.”

Cllr Bruce McDonald, Leader of the Liberal Democrats added:

“The Residents Associations and Liberal Democrats have formed a strong partnership for Elmbridge of which I am delighted now to be part. We are united in our determination to achieve the best for our communities and to stand up for Local Democracy at a time when it has never been more important to do so.”

The Annual Meeting on Wednesday 19th May will see the appointment of the New Mayor for 2021/22 and make appointments to the Cabinet and Committees for the coming Municipal Year.

The Council will be asked to make the following appointments to the Cabinet 

Leader: Cllr Chris Sadler

Community and Corporate Development: Cllr Bruce McDonald (Lib Dem)

Environment: Cllr Ashley Tilling (Lib Dem)

Housing: Cllr Neil Houston

Leisure and Culture: Cllr Janet Turner 

Planning: Cllr Karen Randolph

Resources: Cllr Mike Rollings (Lib Dem)

Social Affairs: Cllr Richard Williams 

Transport: Cllr Peter Harman