Social Care Well being

Lockdown Love

In these strange times, the people of  Elmbridge have been showing wonderful acts of kindness. Below is a small sample:

  • notes through doors of vulnerable people offering help of any type by giving a contact name, address and phone number.
  • for an isolating couple, who get food delivered from the supermarket, each week a cake (or brownies, flapjacks or shortbread) is put on their doorstep – not food essentials but a lovely treat in boring times!
  • a rainbow drawn by children being delivered through the letter box of an older couple.
  • prescriptions being collected and delivered to vulnerable people.
  • funny cartoons and videos being sent via Whats App.
  • Helping at foodbanks for those in need. Collection points for donated foods appearing in many roads in Elmbridge for generous donors, and heroic sorting and delivery services provided by volunteers.
  • lovely decorations in the shops and NHS thank you rainbows in shop windows to brighten our day.
  • Council staff switching from their usual jobs to different functions to focus on the emergency.
  • local Facebook groups with people who will sort things out if requested.
  • operating a ‘click and collect’ service for members at the Weybridge Churchfields allotments shop.
  • organising PPE for local Care Homes.
  • putting notices and posters on wheelie bins to thank our refuse collectors.
  • joining in with the weekly clap and cheering for our carers.
  • Lib Dem technical specialist helping design a new website for a local group making scrubs for NHS staff.
  • delicious Sunday roasts being delivered to 4 isolating couples by a young family.