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Morrison’s planning application is set to go to Elmbridge’s planning committee at 7:45, Tuesday, 16 July, in the council chamber at the civic centre.

I am on the committee and I want to hear your views.  What do you think of this?  See the video.  Any thoughts on the plane tree in Monument Road?

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I just want to high light some important points. Recently it came in the news:

Marple campaigners’ joy as Asda announce they will NOT appeal against supermarket site rejection
Proposals to build a £13million Asda on the Hibbert Lane were thrown out by town hall chiefs in March, who said building the megastore would cause traffic congestion and threaten local shops.

So I believe lessons should be learnt. They care about their livelihood and locals rather then letting all these high profit makers to devastate others small business and town centres. We do NOT need any supermarket in this small town.

They recently opened massive warehouse in Feltham as their main delivery depot, that’s why they want to put their stake where were they can in bid to compete with other supermarkets. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE IMPACT ON THE BURGHERS OF WEYBRIDGE OR LOCAL SHOP KEEPERS. They want their profit. That’s it.

I am not impressed with video i have just watched of a possible new roundabout etc to accomodate a Morrissons supermarket in Weybridge along with all the extra congestion that would produce.

I feel Weybridge is not a suitable size town for another large supermarket and all the extra traffic it will create. No matter what sort of traffic system one tries to put in place the town is too small to comfortably accomodate all the extra cars, delivery lorries and people!

This was precisely the original arguement for the creation of the Brooklands out-of-town shopping development. Weybridge was too small to cope with development of this type. So Brooklands was created to take all the large shops, delivery lorries and storage. If someone really thinks we need another supermarket – then it should be located at Brooklands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact that Morrissons own the site should be of no significance. I cant do as I wish on the land my house is built on, and the same should apply to large companies such as Morrissons. Their money and power should not be allowed to force such a plan on our town.

The application should be rejected as totally unsuitable for a small town like Weybridge. Otherwise we will end up like a congested ‘parade’ of London shops.

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