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Proposed view of Morrisons SmallI plan to meet Morrisons next week. Do tell me if you have any specific or general points you would want me to raise with them.

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Hi Andrew

Thank you for taking the time to raise the residents issues with Morrisons.

We live on the Morrisons side of Monument Rd and have had to put up with the noise, endless stream of huge lorries and builders constantly parking and blocking our road & driveway.
Its bad enough that we have to be diverted out of our road for months, but it is now becoming virtually impossible to pass by the diversion roads (Old Palace Rd, and the Lane connecting Monument and Old Palace Rd) with the amount of cars and vans parked on the pavements, so close to the road that it is very difficult to take the corner safely! Morrisons have said they will not allow their staff to park in our streets yet all their workers are already filling & blocking our streets.
So not a very good start really…

Is there a way we can ask EBC to enforce parking permits on all roads that surround Morrisons to help keep the streets relatively clear and safe to walk and drive on. The parking permit scheme behind Waitrose has made a HUGE impact on Elmgrove Rd, and Waitrose is a 50th of the size of Morrisons? I know having the permits scheme all the way up Monument Rd is not possible because of the school, but perhaps just half way up would help, and perhaps on Old Palace, Thames St and the Lane that connects Monument & Old Palace?

One more point I would like to raise is the look of the roundabout.
Is there anyway they can soften it?
The artists impression of the roundabout looks nothing like the industrial, retail park like one they have built. Every other roundabout in Weybridge at the moment is looking beautiful, but then they are all more appealing and don’t have the huge raised area with massive painted arrows…
Our house looks right down the road over the roundabout into what will be the Morrisons underground car park. (We use to look onto a beautiful London Plane Tree) It would be so much better to look onto a planted green roundabout, plus the view down Monument Hill onto the greenbelt area into our town would be so much prettier…

Lastly please could you update us on what the outcome has been on their recent delivery time and signage change applications, as these will also impact us hugely!!

Thank you!

I think my questions are:

1. Are they going to allow their staff to park in the streets around the store or do as they said and pay for them to park in Weybridge car parks.

2. Are they going to continue to submit applications to relax noise restrictions, change delivery times and add additional signage, which as Paul Hinds points out, show a blatant disregard for the community.

3. Have they any plans to compensate the businesses of Weybridge who have suffered 6 months of traffic hell and loss of income?

4. Are they going to do anything about the construction workers parking in the streets all around Weybridge?

I live in Arlington lodge, not only have I been experiencing abuse daily by other drivers for pulling out of my drive but I am now concerned about staff at morrisons parking in our complex. How can we be sure that they are not going to park there and what are morrisons going to do about it. In addition to this their builders are fit to use our grounds to sit and eat and smoke on as well as blocking our entrances with their lorries. In addition to this they frequently stop the traffic causing further congestion and more abuse for my husband and I so they can move vehicles around.

As a resident of Old Palace Road parking has become a real issue, there will be massive problems if emergency vehicles need to access the end of Old Palace Road, congestion makes it almost impossible at times, can only see it getting worse when Morrisons staff start parking here too… this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Hello Andrew firstly thank you for keeping us informed of developments we do have a couple of questions for Morrisons . At the planning committee hearing when permission was granted for the store morrisons development director was asked by the councillors what the arrangements for staff parking were . He stated that there was no parking within the site but that they would pay their staff to park in public car parks please can you confirm that this will be the case and how they propose to ensure that this happens and that staff don’t just pocket the money and park in the streets . Also we share the concerns of others that morrisons continue to submit applications for relaxation of conditions hopefully the committee will have the back bone to continue to refuse . On the subject of the roundabout it is clear that they are dragging their heels to keep the access for the construction traffic open ! Thank you once again for your hard work on behalf if the residents .

Driving down the hill today I noticed the new roundabout with its distinctive large black and white tiles which – at eye level – sharply stood out and looked really ugly and gaudy. Do we have to have these? Such a shame to ruin our town like this? Can I make a plea that they be replaced with something more subtle please. This would be a small change but have a big impact. Is there anything you can do?

I still think it beggars belief that planning permission was given to build such a large store, but it is too late now. Like many others who have commented I shall be very pleased to see the removal of the traffic lights on Monument Hill but I would like to ask the question of both Morrisons and EBC: What plans do you have in place to ease traffic congestion and parking problems if there are difficulties once the store is open? These traffic lights have caused major tailbacks during rush hour, illustrating that it doesn’t take much to bring everything to a virtual stand still.

Heaven preserve us from a one-way system – the final nail in the coffin of any small town of character…

I won’t be shopping at Morrisons, as I have been sickened by both their deceitful behaviour, and their contemptuous attitude towards their neighbours. If they ruin Weybridge, as they appear hell-bent upon doing, their shame will be complete.

With a bit of luck, they’ll go out of business anyway. It will be too late for us, but might spare another community from falling prey to their heartless greed.

Yes one-way systems are the deathnell of any town centre. I only suggested it for while the building works affected Monument Hill.

I’d cut block off Church Street from the High Street outside Lloyds Bank – that would deal with the traffic.

Surrey could move the main road of out of Weybridge town centre any time it wanted but it doesn’t want to.

Traffic calming measures need to be implemented in Baker Street now. As we all knew the traffic flow down Baker Street has increased to a horrendous levels, with cards speeding up/down the road to avoid the jams on Monument Hill.
Cars are regularly mounting the pavement to get past each other endangering the lives of pedestrians. Morrisons and the council need to take action now.

It takes Surrey about two years to implement traffic calming – even when the project is on the list.

There is only one way of effectively stopping Baker Street being a rat run – block it off at one end or the other – or better still block the High Street from Church Street outside Lloyds Bank.

No traffic calming needed because then there would not be any through traffic.

Hi Andrew, I would like to raise the issue of parking in the roads opposite and adjacent to the site. As previously mentioned, the construction workers are parking vans on and around Monument road and unless permits are introduced this will continue for Morrisons employees when the site opens.

I would also like you to broach the subject of Morrisons general conduct throughout this whole process. I was against the application from the start due to the size of the structure and the traffic issues that will be caused-I still believe the latter will have a major impact on Weybridge. However the subsequent applications(Which they have submitted, withdrawn, re-submitted) by Morrisons to relax noise restrictions, change delivery times and add additional signage show a blatant disregard for the community. Any update on these points would be appreciated.


In the initial planning application there was no allowance for parking for the people who will work in Morrisons. Morrisons stated they would maximize the number of staff employed locally thereby avoiding the additional parking on local streets. Now they have finished recruiting, what is the proportion of locally based employees compared to those who will have to drive in and park on our streets? I understand there will be a total of 350 employees which equates to roughly 120 per shift over 24 hours. Even if half of these drive in we will still have to accommodate an additional 60 cars parking locally on the surrounding streets.

Looking forward to seeing all the Weybridge ‘Mrs. Buckets’ (TV Series) in Morrison’s, come opening, as I’ve witnessed in Aldi and Poundland in Walton.

Rumours abound about IKEA coming to Brooklands, and LIDLE in Hersham, future ammunition for the (NO) objectors.

Our High Street/Church Street desperately need rejuvenating, like has happened in Walton.
Get working on it Elmbridge, the richest Council in the land.

Large supermarkets were originally only granted planning out of towns precisely because of the problems of traffic they generate through customers, staff, and deliveries.
Are Morrisons going to continue to push for the planning on the restrictions they agreed to be lifted so they can deliver to their store when they want, virtually 24/7.
They have applied for these restrictions to be lifted twice Elmbridge has had hundreds of letters objecting, are they going to ignore the people of Weybridge and keep on applying?

When will they finish that damn roundabout?
Its clear it has really been finished for some time, buty have kept the traffic management in place for the workers and slowed the roundabout completion.
Its driving us all mad.

Andrew, my husband and I were very sad to see the tree knocked down in order to build the new morrisons.
We would hope that they would have to plant a new one in the middle of the roundabout? Could you please ask them if they have plans to plant a big tree to replace the one they dug up and removed?

I asked about this early on. Surrey wanted a roundabout – not Morrisons. The space available for a roundabout meant that the established tree would have to be removed and the roundabout itself would not be large enough to sustain a tree at its centre (so I am told).

Instead Morrisons are paying for and planting several new plane trees around the roundabout and in front of the new store. These trees will begin as large as they be. – Imported from Germany!

Thanks for your interesting & up to date emails Andrew ! Re Morrisons – I know its a bit late but wouldn’t it have been better to have had a one way system up or down Baker St & Monument Hill – making a circuit ? The traffic problems have been a nightmare over the last few months as any Weybridge resident knows only too well & I also would like to know why constructing a simple roundabout seems to have taken so long ? In fact I am in favour of Morrisons coming to Weybridge so not all negative just wish it would hurry up and open !!

The diversion. I raised this matter as soon as the planning permission was given. First of all an official division must allow for all traffic – large and long lorries included. The diversion would have to be around Hanger Hill and Heath Road. Baker Street is a “D” class street and therefore could not be used. My counter to this was that the lorries could be diverted in such a manner but cars could go down Baker Street.

Surrey transport planners then said that Hillcrest and Baker Street residents would not want the street to be one way. I countered this with a much better proposal. The road works in Monument Hill would be one-way in an easterly direction (uphill). Baker Street would be made no-entry at the western end (NatWest) but woulds remain two-way. There would have been other permutations too.

Finally Surrey could have explained its logic on large signs at the place that traffic cues – so that at least people could have some explanation.

I do not want to sound like an apologist for Morrison but I understand much of the time has been taken up by the various utility companies moving their pipes and cables. The laying of a roundabout itself takes very little time all.

Hi Andrew

If you could ensure they appreciate our frustration with the delays in finishing the roundabout, that would be a start. I’ve seen other large projects with a big sign apologising to local residents for the disruption caused during the development – perhaps Morrisons might consider this.

I get the feeling that Morrisons don’t care about us as neighbours – a simple example is the fact that construction workers have to park outside my house, reducing the parking available in the Dorchester Road, St Albans Ave, Mount Pleasant area – including leaving vans and pickups parked over the weekend.

As the project moves on the store seems to get bigger and bigger – confirming the worst fears of the 695 people who objected!

You may also have noticed that as a company Morrisons is not doing very well and losing market share – so we also face the risk of the Weybridge store becoming a big white elephant – look what just happened to Phones4U!

They seem to be blaming BT for delays, but surely they could have planned these works better – and if they’ve been surprised by underground water – they should have looked at the name of the road next door and learned from the development the other side of Baker St!

All of which makes me a rather unhappy resident of Weybridge!


Jonathan Alexander

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