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Morrisons goes ahead

Proposed view of Morrisons Small

Morrisons has been given the go ahead by Elmbridge’s planning committee: ten in favour, six against and seven abstaining.

While I am happy to have a new store, I voted against the proposal because of transport issues, aspects of the design, sales floor size, access from the High Street for pedestrians and access to the store for cars.  Take a picture of the tree before it is cut down.

I did my best to make the proposal work better but my best was not good enough to persuade other councillors to change their mind.

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SCC were wishy-washy regarding transport issues in their officer’s report on Depot 46, Redhill Rd Incinerator proposal.

I for one, will avoid Weybridge if I find Morrison’s store exacerbates existing traffic jams – which I believe it will.

Thet seem bent on increasing their income in order to fund officers’ remuneration, having increased rates against government policy, while awarding their CEO huge increases in his already bloated pay. Nice one, Conservatives – and I’m a Conservative voter!

An unsurprising result. Shocking that the fools fail to see that they are thinking in line with another era.

Morrisons will cause huge traffic problems that are mind boggling obvious to everyone. For Weybridge to thrive we should have aimed to cut journeys by car and helped the independent shops. For somewhere so affluent we are a laughing stock. Chain crap, charity shops; below par restaurants. What a waste. Did I mention that Morrisons plan to cut down the ancient 200 year old plane tree opposite the conservation area now. I’m disgusted. Wrong size shop in the worst place they could choose.

It really is pointless voting at all. Many who read this will think I’m joking but I intend to sell up following this announcement. A done deal from the start.
There is only one positive left – some did listen to local people and try to apply common sense and WILL be proved right.

Thank you Andrew.

Andrew just wanted to thank you for your efforts tonight – you talked more sense than quite a few of the Council put together! Perhaps they need more “new blood”!

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