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Elmbridge Liberal Democrats launch their Vision for Elmbridge

It’s time to care

Elmbridge Liberal Democrats are today launching our vision for Elmbridge to help strengthen our community, stand up for local people and protect local services. As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, Liberal Democrats have been spearheading a caring recovery for the UK by putting communities first. 

Local champions

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for the community and for local champions who will put them first.  Our Liberal Democrat candidates in Elmbridge include teachers, nurses, home-care workers, and the chair of a local food bank. Along with our Elmbridge Borough councillors, they have already made a huge difference to the community:

  • Delivering laptops to disadvantaged children so they could learn when they weren’t at school.
  • Calling for a climate emergency when Conservative Councillors resisted it.
  • Running and volunteering at local food banks to get food to those who needed it most.
  • Caring for our elderly residents and volunteering at Covid testing and vaccination centres.

As Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat leader said at the national campaign launch this week, “When you vote, the future of your community is on the ballot paper. The future of your environment is on the ballot paper. If you vote Conservative, you’re voting against your community. And against a healthy local environment. But if you vote Liberal Democrat, you’re voting for your community. For your environment. For a party with a real vision for a fairer, greener, more caring country.”

Standing up for Elmbridge

A vote for your local Liberal Democrat candidate on May 6th means we will bring to Elmbridge Borough and Surrey County Councils the vision, competence and compassion needed to rebuild our towns and our communities after the pandemic. “Our Vision” sets out a comprehensive programme to deliver this, with commitments to:

  • Fight for extra Government funding to invest in schools, support our most vulnerable children and young people and overhaul our neglected and underfunded social care services.
  • Back our local businesses to ensure our town centres and high streets can thrive
  • Protect our local environment, our valued green spaces and our planet, building on our radical Elmbridge Borough Council programme to tackle the Climate Emergency.

For 50 years, Surrey County Council has been run by the Conservatives, who have continued to underfund social services, mismanaged the County finances and failed our local children in lockdown. This year, you have a real opportunity for change at County Hall: voting in local champions who will help us deliver a vision that will transform education, people’s care and local services. 

Our record whilst on Elmbridge Borough Council, where we currently only have 10 of the 48 councillors, shows just how much Liberal Democrat councillors can achieve in office. In Elmbridge, whilst working closely with the Residents Group, we have managed to continue to deliver frontline services and supported residents and local business throughout the pandemic. Some of the many things we have achieved include :

  • our climate change emergency programme
  • supporting residents during COVID 
  • supporting food banks
  • rehousing rough sleepers
  • introducing free parking to assist local businesses
  • providing grants and awards to local businesses.

You can read more about our achievements here. With more Liberal Democrat councillors in Elmbridge we could drive more initiatives like these forwards, putting our community first, supporting our local businesses, and defending our essential services. 

Cllr Mike Rollings, Chair of the Lib Dem Group on Elmbridge Borough Council, said: “People deserve a local champion who will get things done and our fantastic candidates in Elmbridge have already done so much: delivering laptops for kids who need them, supporting our local food banks and volunteering to help those who need it during the pandemic.

“We have today launched an ambitious Vision for Elmbridge: to strengthen our community, stand up for local people and protect local services. Our candidates for the local elections in May come from all walks of life. Whether a teacher, an NHS worker or a social care leader, a Chief Executive or a finance professional, a parent or a student, they all share the same vision: to build a stronger community, improve social support, tackle the climate emergency and make Elmbridge the best it can be, for everyone.

Vote Liberal Democrats – it’s time to care.

Read Our Vision for Elmbridge here and find out more about our candidates here