Our pot holes

Newly published figures that show Conservative-run Surrey pays out far more in claims for cars damaged on our roads than any other county. Figures published by breakdown firm Britannia Rescue show that in the two year period 2010/11 – 2011/12 Surrey paid out £638,239 in claims for car damage, four times the amount paid out […]


Weybridge Society calls for safer streets

A recent survey undertaken by the Weybridge Society has found that burghers have a number of concerns about transport including: speeding and HGVs.

Countryside Environment Leisure

Broadwater Lake

This is a listed feature in the east of the ward stretching from Greenlands Road to Cowey Sale.  It was developed as the fishing lake for Oatlands Palace, constructed in 1537 by Henry VIII. The palace was demolished around 1650.


Cleves School

Concerns over Cleves becoming the largest primary school in Britain. Protesters outside Cleves school on Wednesday, 23 May during the school governors meeting. More