Campaign Roles

Each role has its own guidance note for those who have not done it before and training is also given to make sure that people are comfortable.  This piece is purely to describe the roles

This is the easiest role in the campaign but it is vital none the less.  Where we vote is called a polling station and we need people at each location all day.  There are six polling stations in our Weybridge division.  The polling station is open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday, 4 May.

At the polling station the teller takes down the voting numbers of each voter and someone comes along to collect the information.  We show you how to do it.

Each stint last one hour but some people do two hours.  Others do several hours but in one hour sessions.

If you can do a single one hour stint that could release someone else to do other things.

As the role title indicates, delivers pop our newsletters through the door.  We have fifty walks in Weybridge.  Many are quite short and simple – they take thirty minutes.  Others are longer or more complicated – new people are always offered the shortest and simplest.  Some people do just one, others do four or five walks spread over the month.  However, during election time we need each newsletter to go out in a specific range of days and therefore we need more people.  Could you be one of them?

In this year’s campaign, we have four more deliveries to do.  One goes on the morning itself – the “Good Morning” leaflet to our supporters, another goes out a week before the election, another to all our postal voters and a general one for April.

If you can make one delivery that would be great.

These people are out on polling day itself.  Each knocker-upper has a short list of our supporters who have not yet voted to visit and remind them of the importance of voting.  This role really is important and if you can do this then please do so.

We cannot find Liberal Democrat voters without knocking on doors.  Essentially, we just want to know where our support is.  We do not try to persuade people to vote for us.  It is a simple yes or no answer.  Few people offer to canvass but those that do offer come back time and time again.  We give full training, and first timers go out with experienced people.  Add it to your bucket list.