Heritage Lamps1 November 2014. If the lamps in your street do not work then please report directly to Surrey here.  If there is not a suitable timely response than please tell me here with the reference number.

High Street Lampposts.  The chosen design for the new Weybridge High Street – Gladstone lantern design. The project will comprise 24 new black 10 metre tall columns, conversion of existing SDA equipment, new lighting sockets and strengthening of columns as required and re-instatement of the in-ground lighting at Monument Hill.
The contract was signed on 24 September and Surrey has its contractor Skanska to order and install the new lights. The works are scheduled to begin from January 2013 which will avoid the Christmas period.

Recent developments

At a meeting on Friday, 18 May 2012, burghers and residents from various streets in Portmore Park (Gascoigne Road, Glencoe Road, Holstein Avenue, Montrose Walk, Portmore Park Road, Radnor Raod, St Albans avenue, came togwether to plan a campaign to have heritage style lampposts is we could not have the originals.

3 replies on “Lampposts”

I really dislike the modern light that has been installed directly outside my house. It is out of keeping with the Edwardian houses in the road. The white light reflecting of your car makes you think that you have left the car lights on. It is too late for my street but not for others. Please stop now.

There has been a deathly hush on the close this last six months concerning street lamps. I see no progress which suits me well.

I have now seen some of the replacement lamps in situ. The true horror of the ‘modern’ design can only be appreciated by seeing them actually in place. If the authorities go ahead with the adopted design they will be making a huge error, and one which the residents will regret. They are truly horrible.