Civil rights

Raab wants to scrap the Human Rights Act. Help us stop him.

British rights and freedoms are under threat. The Human Rights Act1 protects your rights to privacy and to a fair trial. It bans torture, slavery and forced labour. It ensures we all have freedom of religion and expression.

And it empowers every individual to challenge the government in court to uphold their rights.

It’s a fundamentally good and liberal piece of legislation that has protected the rights of us all.

As far back as 2009, Dominic Raab made a video to tell the world that he didn’t support the Human Rights Act.

He also wrote about scrapping it on his blog. The Conservative government has been trying to repeal it ever since; indeed Raab spent his time as Justice Minister trying (and failing) to come up with a way to do it, all the while cheered on by hard-right politicians like Nigel Farage.2

Now the government has launched a “review”3 of it.

That’s why the Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to save the Human Rights Act.

In early March, we’re submitting our response to the review – when we do, we want to show how many people want to defend their human rights.

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The threat to our human rights is real.

With an alliance of hard-right figures gathering steam behind a campaign to scrap the Human Rights Act, it’s vital that we stand up and fight back – or else we’ll lose our rights.

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