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Shaping a sustainable and thriving Elmbridge

Lib Dem and Resident Plan stands up for the people of Elmbridge  

Liberal Democrat and Resident Councillors on Elmbridge Borough Council will be putting forward a Local Plan that will deliver the homes we need and protect the character of our Borough including its precious Green Belt.  

On 16 March 2022, the Elmbridge Draft Local Plan is being debated at a meeting of the Elmbridge Cabinet. The recommendations of the Cabinet will be presented to a Council meeting on 22 March 2022. If approved by Council, the next stage on the way to adoption is a ‘Regulation 19 representation’, after which the Plan will then be passed to the national Planning Inspectorate for examination. 

Commenting on the draft Local Plan, Cllr Bruce McDonald, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group said:

Cllr Bruce McDonald says the Local Plan has been “forged by listening to what our residents have said, at its heart”

“This is an important day – we are publishing the draft Local Plan which has our ambitions for Elmbridge, forged by listening to what our residents have said, at its heart. It will protect and enhance the character of Elmbridge, support us in living more sustainably, help our high streets and communities thrive and protect our Green Belt “

He went on “it’s been a long road getting to this point. The approach we are taking is bold and rooted in our placemaking vision. It’s got sustainability written right through it. We have built our plan from the bottom up, and it allows for 465 new homes a year. Not the target of over 640 a year required by the Government’s Standard Methodology. We are taking a balanced approach which, having weighed everything up, we think is right for Elmbridge”

He ended saying: “We hope that people generally will agree with us that our balanced and sustainable approach is what’s right for Elmbridge and I look forward to the Draft Plan receiving support across the Council when it comes forward for debate and decision.”

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Esher and Walton, Monica Harding, said “I know how much everyone who lives in our borough cares about its future. People to whom I talk want to see an approach which is balanced and sustainable, recognises the needs of the future, and protects the quality of the environment and the Green Belt. Make no mistake all of that was put at risk by this government’s planning policies and their draconian imposition of unrealistic housing targets.

“That’s why I support the stand our councillors with the support of their Administration colleagues are taking against the system of unrealistic and unachievable housing targets imposed by Dominic Raab’s government. People up and down the country, given the chance, are rejecting it because of the threat it poses to the Green Belt. I welcome the fact that our councillors are standing up for Elmbridge.”

Key points of the Draft Local Plan being presented to Cabinet on 16 March 2022

  1. The Plan allows for 465 homes per year over 15 years, not the 647 pushed for by the Conservative Government.
  2. The Plan will protect the green belt and enhance green infrastructure and biodiversity in the borough.
  3. The Plan will shape development in the urban area to meet the needs of our communities, respecting and enhancing the unique characters of our towns and villages.

More information about Elmbridge’s plan is available here: News | Home | Elmbridge News