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Surrey’s damaging cuts to young and old continue

When the Tory administration’s cuts to services continue relentlessly year after year, we have to say stop in no uncertain terms. The latest budget proposals for 2020/21 are the case in point. While we understand that balancing the books is challenging, we believe that Surrey’s residents will not tolerate the following Tory proposed cuts: 

  • £4.6m from older people’s care provision
  • £4.6m from learning, disability and autism services
  • £0.7m cut from mental health
  • £1.5m from fire services  
  • further severe cuts to children centres

Yet management costs remain among the highest amongst any county council in the country.

Cllr Chris Botten, leader of the Liberal Democrats at Surrey County Council said, “Despite all the pain we have gone through with the Tory-led austerity in Surrey, 10 years later they are still cutting vital services for those most vulnerable at the beginning and end of their lives.”

“Instead of focusing on cuts, they should do something about the well documented crisis in our care homes, many of which are now on the verge of bankruptcy. Similarly they should ensure that children with special needs are not sent halfway across the country just to achieve a place in a suitable school.”