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Weybridge town meetings

In my May 2018 election literature I promised to run town meetings, if elected. My ambition is to try and establish a kind of forum where residents and businesses in Weybridge can come together on a regular basis and talk about the kind of Weybridge we want for the future. Why did I want to […]

Representation Safety

Anti-social behavior – what would you do?

Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner has been tasked by the national government to consult with the people regarding community remedies (see below).  You can add your views in this survey.  The survey is not very rigorous and I found the first question hard to answer properly but at least one can make further points in […]

Countryside Environment Safety

Fly Tipping

If you see anyone fly tipping or the results of it then take a photo and send it to Elmbridge Borough – you can get a reward or up to £500 for doing so.   See here for more details.

Environment Health Safety Town Centre

Out-of-hours noise service returns

          Elmbridge’s out-of-hours noise service has returned until September. The type of issues that Elmbridge can handle include: Car and intruder alarms Late night parties causing considerable disturbance Outdoor events and Elmbridge’s licensed premises Anti-social behaviour

Leisure Safety Transport

Pruning time

It may seem early in the year to get out in the garden, but now is the perfect time to cut back trees and hedges near streets that could cause nuisance, obstruction or danger to pedestrians or vehicles.  Vegetation from your land needs to be maintained by you.  If you have bushes that grow onto […]

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20’s Plenty

A number of streets in Weybridge have speeds lower than 30mph – they are mainly private streets but Portmore Park is a 20mph zone too.  I think that all urban streets should have a 20mph limit – excluding classified roads. Surrey’s Conservative-run administration has rejected a call by the Liberal Democrats for Surrey’s speed limits […]

Safety Transport

Weybridge Police Panel Meeting

The report from the 13 December Weybridge Quarterly Police Panel Meeting is here