Broadwater Lake

Following from the success of the construction of a properly laid footpath from Grenside Road in Weybridge to Cowey Sale, championed by Cllr Andrew Davis, many residents commented on the state of Broadwater Lake which had become silted up and obscured by fallen trees. Local councillors agreed to the request to use Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding, with contributions from the Beechcroft and Templemere estates, to pay for dredging the lake as a first step towards improving its appearance. This was completed on 9-10th January.

Broadwater Path

BroadwaterMovement is slow but there is movement.  Surrey says that it has drawn up the proposed route from Grenside Road to Cowey Sale and has had a meeting with Weybridge health club about the section of the pathway crossing their land. The health club has shown that Argent Estates own a section of the path.


Surrey estimates that the timescale is:

  • By the end of April – establish contact with Argent Estates who own a section of the proposed path as they will have to dedicate a section of path across their land to make the scheme work.
  • By the end of May/June- draw up a draft dedication, get everyone to agree to it and seek Environment Agency consent for works.
  • By the end of June/July – finish off dedication of the pathway and start works on the ground, but this will also be dependent on budget.

You can walk the path in any case see here

Walton Lane

Many of you will know that I think Walton Lane – the ancient way to Walton from Weybridge before Oatlands Drive was built – should be stopped up for motorised vehicles on the border between Weybridge and Shepperton (Yes Cowey Sale is in Shepperton despite being south of the river) – the benefits to people living in the north of Weybridge would be dramatic.  Have a look at a view of how Cowey Sale could look too.

Broadwater Lake

There has been good progress and it is now possible to walk most of the route.   There is some clearance work needed on the western end which the borough is carrying out with its own team.  This should be completed by the Spring.  Phase two involves the county dedicating the path whereby it is officially recorded as a public right of way.  Once this is done the county will erect the official permanent footpath signs. More …