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Reshaping Weybridge Town Centre

A community hub in Weybridge At the recent Portmore Park and District Residents Association meeting, Weybridge Surrey County Councillor, Tim Oliver spoke about ideas for developing Weybridge town centre. Surrey County and Elmbridge Borough officers and NHS property services have already met to talk about creating a Weybridge Hub on the Weybridge Hospital site.  . […]

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What’s happening with the new Weybridge Cinema?

Much needed town centre development Weybridge residents are looking forward to having a new independent cinema at the site of Weybridge Hall. This might be the first of several enhancements to the life of the town centre. However, people have expressed concern over the lack of any update and apparent delay in the development moving […]

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Churchfield Allotments

The Lib Dems in Weybridge have inadvertently stirred up a brouhaha by mistakenly placing a Social Housing label close to Churchfield Allotments in our April Focus! This raised a concern among people living in neighbouring roads, who approached the owners of the allotments, the Weybridge Charity, to find out if there were any plans to […]


RTPI awards Elmbridge’s Planning Services

Planning Services team has been ‘highly commended’ in the Local Authority Team of the Year category at the 2015 Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Planning Excellence Awards on Monday 6 July. The demand for planning services in Elmbridge has increased rapidly in recent years.  Yet the resources available to deal with such growth has been […]

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Elmbridge Sport hub EIA

After the decision by the full Planning Committee regarding the sports hub, we have now received the outcome from the Secretary Of State regarding the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and he has decided that an EIA is required.  The essence of what the Secretary Of State said is: “Whilst this is a […]

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More housing control from Westminster

National governments often claim that they support local democracy; however, the evidence is often otherwise. Take housing benefit – part of the £12bn in welfare savings is to be made by the national government instructing boroughs to reduce their rents.  This will save the national government £1.4bn in housing benefit by reducing rents paid to […]

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More planning control from Westminster

National governments often claim that they support local democracy.  However the evidence is otherwise. The recent announcement that Westminster will change the law to allow developers to build on brownfield land without planning permission is a case in point.  Taken at face value it means that any new development on land that has or has […]

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Update on Cowey Sale Loos

As part of the Walton Bridge rebuild, Surrey undertook to build a new cafe and loo facility on Cowey Sale.  The building was built on behalf of Surrey by Costain and before it was handed over to Elmbridge our staff found that there were a number of outstanding problems that meant that it couldn’t be […]

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I plan to meet Morrisons next week. Do tell me if you have any specific or general points you would want me to raise with them.

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Highest employment ever

It has taken some hard choices – and the remarkable effort of millions of people and business around the country – but this marks another positive step on the road to a stronger economy. There are two million more people in private sector jobs, fewer unemployed young people, long term unemployment is falling and we […]