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Hands off our Green Belt!

What land should be released for building over the next 15 years? That’s what the Local Plan is all about. But the inflated government target for building in Elmbridge will mean the extra people will: Squeeze already hard pressed local health services Create further shortages of local school places Intensify traffic congestion Increase pollution What […]

British government Elmbridge government Planning Weybridge

Shape the future of Weybridge

Our Home Weybridge is undeniably an attractive place to live. Our easy access to London and Heathrow, our vibrant town centre, rivers, woodlands and green spaces, all ensure that many find it hard to imagine living anywhere else and would like our children to be able to live here too. More houses We recognise that, […]

Claygate Countryside

40 Acre Field Claygate Planning!

It is with great trepidation that I write an article about 40 Acre Field as it is indeed a complicated and controversial subject for the residents of Claygate and the respectable owners or renters of this plot of Green Belt land. This blog is to provide a clearer picture to the edited version that has […]

Housing Planning

Housing in the Green Belt?

The national government has changed its policy in relation to providing new housing and planning law (for England only – the other parts of Britain have their own policies). This has meant that Elmbridge has had to reconsider its approach to housing development. Why is Elmbridge in this position? Since  Elmbridge adopted its core planning […]

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Heathside School

Surrey is seeking planning permission to raise Heathside’s school numbers. Originally Heathside School was given permission for 920 pupils but by 1996 it had increased its number, without planning permission, to 1352. On being challenged for this discrepancy it sought retrospective planning permission from the borough to increase its number in 2005. This was refused, […]

Leisure Transport

Illustrated Talk – Brooklands through the Ages

An illustrated talk on ‘Brooklands through the Ages’ – from the Iron Age period right through to modern times will be held on Thursday, 23 January at 8pm in the large hall of the St James’ Church Parish Centre. It will offer insights about the Brooklands area covering its origins, history, people and other interesting […]

Health Leisure

Parks – What are your views

Many of you tell me that you treasure the parks and green spaces of Weybridge.  They are places where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, get fit or simply enjoy the views and relax. As part of its planning for the future of Elmbridge’s green spaces, the borough is looking at […]

Countryside Parking Planning

Walton Lane

Many of you will know that I think Walton Lane – the ancient way to Walton from Weybridge before Oatlands Drive was built – should be stopped up for motorised vehicles on the border between Weybridge and Shepperton (Yes Cowey Sale is in Shepperton despite being south of the river) – the benefits to people living in the north of Weybridge would be […]

Planning Town Centre

Development Plan for Weybridge

Gone are the days when local government drew lines on a map to indicate where different types of development was allowed to take place.  Development control as it was called has given way to development management. This can be positive if the borough is active in providing a coherent plan for Weybridge but it can be a property developers charter if the plans […]


Broadwater Path

A few people have been asking where the new Broadwater path is located.  There is no official right of way as yet – that is why there is not a finger post erected but it is coming soon, all being well.  The path begins off Grenside Road – see map below. The path is muddy […]