Planning Weybridge

Conservation wins the day

On Tuesday, 27th November, Elmbridge Borough Council Full Planning Committee overturned the decision of the sub-committee which deals with planning decisions in Weybridge, and refused permission to build ten flats at the junction of Balfour and Devonshire Roads. The position of the proposed building, in Weybridge Town Centre Conservation area, is just beyond the junction […]

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Weybridge town meetings

In my May 2018 election literature I promised to run town meetings, if elected. My ambition is to try and establish a kind of forum where residents and businesses in Weybridge can come together on a regular basis and talk about the kind of Weybridge we want for the future. Why did I want to […]

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Let’s Join the EU

Looking back over the history of the European Union I wish we had joined at the beginning in 1951 when the European Coal and Steel Community was inaugurated.  I think that Europe would have been a better place today had we done so – but there is no point crying over spilt milk. British Empire […]

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Napoleon meets his Waterloo

Painshill welcomes back the Napoleonic Association for a special re-enactment to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. On both there will be incredible sights and dramatic performances as the soldiers, officers and camp followers re-enact various scenes, including the raising of the flag, a drill parade and a skirmish. There will be […]

Leisure Town Centre

Create Your Own Resplendent Shakespearean Ruff at Elmbridge Museum

Go to the next family fun event at Elmbridge Museum in Church Street on Saturday, 26 April from 2pm to 4.30pm to celebrate the 450th Anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and learn more about his plays by making your own mini-theatre. For additional fun, you will also be making one the most popular accessories of […]

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Illustrated Talk – Brooklands through the Ages

An illustrated talk on ‘Brooklands through the Ages’ – from the Iron Age period right through to modern times will be held on Thursday, 23 January at 8pm in the large hall of the St James’ Church Parish Centre. It will offer insights about the Brooklands area covering its origins, history, people and other interesting […]

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Churchfields Flowerbed Competition

It’s that time of year again for the budding young designers in Elmbridge to get their thinking caps on! After the creativity and enthusiasm shown by the young entrants last year, Elmbridge’s Green Spaces Team is pleased to announce the theme for this year’s ‘Design a Flowerbed competition’ open to primary school age children. 2014 […]


Forgotten Voices From The Past

As the centenary commemorations for the start of The First World War begin, it still remains a powerful episode in our collective memory.  Maggs Latter, former Arts Development Officer at the Borough of Elmbridge, accompanied by Glen Kirton will evoke the ‘forgotten voices’ of that terrible time in the world’s history as part of the […]

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Make your own personal poppy

Elmbridge museum, above the library, is running a family arts and crafts day where children can learn about the significance of poppies and make their own personalised poppy. It runs from 2:00 to 4:30 on Saturday, 9 November. Children must be accompanied by an adult and there is a charge of £1.50 a child. For more […]