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Investing in our infrastructure – CIL

The application period for the 2020-2021 CIL funding round for local projects will open on Thursday 13 February 2020 for a period of six weeks. Applications must be completed and submitted by midnight on Sunday29 March 2020. More about CIL here. After this closing date, applicants who have applied by the closing date will have a further four […]

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Hands off our Green Belt!

What land should be released for building over the next 15 years? That’s what the Local Plan is all about. But the inflated government target for building in Elmbridge will mean the extra people will: Squeeze already hard pressed local health services Create further shortages of local school places Intensify traffic congestion Increase pollution What […]

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Conservation wins the day

On Tuesday, 27th November, Elmbridge Borough Council Full Planning Committee overturned the decision of the sub-committee which deals with planning decisions in Weybridge, and refused permission to build ten flats at the junction of Balfour and Devonshire Roads. The position of the proposed building, in Weybridge Town Centre Conservation area, is just beyond the junction […]

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Weybridge On-street Parking Changes 2018

See also: Surrey’s Parking Review Strategy Surrey officer’s recommendations for residents parking Weybridge Car Park Charges Surrey’s Committee Report Elmbridge’s Cabinet Committee Report, Appendix A, Appendix B, Minutes of Cabinet This post deals with the parking schemes that Surrey proposes to implement, subject to the agreement of the Surrey Local Committee meeting at 4pm, Monday, […]

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Weybridge Parking – Permit Schemes

See also: Surrey’s Parking Review Strategy Weybridge Car Park Charges Proposed Weybridge on-street parking changes Surrey’s Committee Report Elmbridge’s Cabinet Committee Report, Appendix A, Appendix B, Minutes of Cabinet This post deals with those parking schemes, requested by residents in the Weybridge Parking Review in 2018, which Surrey Highways officers have recommended to be rejected […]

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What’s happening with the new Weybridge Cinema?

Much needed town centre development Weybridge residents are looking forward to having a new independent cinema at the site of Weybridge Hall. This might be the first of several enhancements to the life of the town centre. However, people have expressed concern over the lack of any update and apparent delay in the development moving […]

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Your Personnel Planning Alerts

Registering your account If you would like to receive alerts for planning applications in your locality simply click here. Alternatively, go to the Elmbridge borough website and click on the “My Account” at the top right of your screen.  On the next screen register your details. You will then be given the option of getting […]

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Parking and New Developments

Granting planning permissions to applications with insufficient parking has become a big issue in recent years.  The picture above shows office parking which could soon become gardens for four-bedroomed houses – leaving little space for parking cars. Although I have campaigned on this since becoming a borough councillor, it has taken me a while to […]

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Planning Compliance

One of the items on the Liberal Democrat/Residents administration’s to do list was to deal with the number of cases of planning infringement.  We launched the planning compliance team with new resources to ensure greater planning complaince In the last calendar year 336 planning compliance investigations where closed.  Of these investigations: 167 were found not to […]

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Local Plan – consultation results

The borough has published a preliminary report based on the responses it received to its local plan strategic option consultation. You’ll find the full report on the borough website.  There were 3,436 responses all in all from Elmbridge residents and the majority of those came from Cobham (1,800) and Ditton (1,299). Unsurprisingly, not many came […]