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Weybridge town meetings

In my May 2018 election literature I promised to run town meetings, if elected. My ambition is to try and establish a kind of forum where residents and businesses in Weybridge can come together on a regular basis and talk about the kind of Weybridge we want for the future. Why did I want to […]

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Blackspots in Weybridge

ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN ON OUR ROADS Many Weybridge residents are acutely aware of the traffic dangers in their neighbourhoods and on the roads they use as they go about their lives. Five local ‘black spots’ have been brought to our attention recently: Grenside Road (behind Thames Street), the junction by the station (again), Mayfield Road, […]

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Surrey urged to fund 20 mph limits

For a background on why 20mph is so important see here. The Surrey Liberal Democrats are calling on the Surrey administration to provide the necessary funding to implement 20 mph speed limits outside Surrey schools where requested by the school and the local community. Introducing a 20mph limit on all our streets is probably the most […]

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Twenty’s Plenty

It great news that our county councillor managed to fund some 20mph roundels for the entrances to Portmore Park.  This was funded from his own budget.

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Baker Street Plans

As part of the planning conditions, Morrison has to pay for traffic calming in Baker Street.  The draft plans are below and have been sent to Surrey’s transportation development planning team to agree as a condition of the planning permission.  What do you think?         You can open up a larger map […]

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Baker Street Traffic

Now that the associated roadworks for Morrison’s development are largely complete traffic should reduce along Baker Street.  These are the “developer’s” draft proposals for Baker Street.  The scheme is currently with Surrey’s Transportation Development Planning Team to agree as a condition of the planning permission.  There might be an option for a 20mph limit (or […]

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The Weybridge Plane Tree

The London plane at the junction of Monument Road and Monument Hill – the local landmark fast becoming an icon in the development debate – is potentially threatened by the Morrisons planning application for a new store in Weybridge.  Many options, including mine of using shared space, have been considered but at an early stage […]

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A number of people gave positive feedback about my piece on traffic in the most recent Focus – but what about cycling said some. I could not agree more.  In my day job I not only provide, what I believe to be, the country’s best cycle insurance policy but I have campaigned for over twenty […]

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20mph limits – Surrey says no!

There is a good reason why we should introduce 20mph limits for urban streets and rural lanes – it makes travel very much safer and, counter intuitively, increases traffic flow at times of congestion. At speeds below 20mph people can recognize the intentions of others by their facial expression – beyond around 22mph this is […]


Weybridge Society calls for safer streets

A recent survey undertaken by the Weybridge Society has found that burghers have a number of concerns about transport including: speeding and HGVs.