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Update on Cowey Sale Loos

Cowey Sale loosAs part of the Walton Bridge rebuild, Surrey undertook to build a new cafe and loo facility on Cowey Sale.  The building was built on behalf of Surrey by Costain and before it was handed over to Elmbridge our staff found that there were a number of outstanding problems that meant that it couldn’t be opened to the public.  These problems have turned into on-going discussions between Surrey and Costain.

Elmbridge employed an independent building surveyor to inspect and report on the condition of the new building.  They have now reported their findings, which echo and support our concerns on the outstanding defects that we have identified and which Surrey has relayed to Costain.  Although the liability for rectifying the defects remain with Surrey and Costain, Elmbridge’s staff assure me that they are doing their utmost to remedy the situation as soon as possible.  Whilst Elmbridge is reliant on Surrey following its proper contractual processes, Elmbridge staff continue to chase it for its contractor’s programme of works.  The independent surveyors will be retained to oversee, inspect and approve all of the works undertaken by Costain.

While the repairs are being carried out and in response to feedback from local residents, Surrey has installed temporary loos which it is intended will remain in place until the new building’s facilities can be fully opened.

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