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Weybridge Point

River Grant for car park-01Elmbridge has received an application for a grant of £82,000 to change the layout of the path through the car park at the end of Thames Street with an aim to highlight the Thames Path and focus on the view of the Thames.



River View-01This bid is competing with many other bids from around the borough. What do you think? If you want to know more about it click on  Weybridge Point Car Park. The meeting to decide on this is being held on Monday, 29 September.

River Grant-02

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Your item on Thames Path/ Thames Point does not mention that the application for the grant is to be made from the Community Infrastructure Levy – money collected from developments for the improvements of aspects of the infrastructure – it is not just a general grant from EBC. Tony Davis, of Weybridge Society’s Thames Gate-wey group, plans attached to the application detail what Thames Landscape Strategy proposes.

The one thing that Weybridge does not have for users of the Thames and the tow-path walks is a Cafe. All the other places I usually walk to at Walton, Sunbury and Moseley all do have somewhere such as a cafe which users can identify with.

Many years ago, in Weybridge, there was a cafe just nearby at the back of the Tennis club, I think. The nearest such facility when one visits Weybridge using the river is over the ferry in Shepperton. This is not good enough!

I support the application, but would appreciate a reference to the work done by Tony from the Weybridge Society

Elmbridge BC drew up an ‘improvement’ plan for this scruffy but potentially important gateway to the Thames Path about three years ago and there were discussions with the ladies rowing club who were adament that they needed parking space on this site. I find it difficult to understand why parking for the rowing club could not be provided within its existing boathouse land or, for visitor parking, in the public car park adjacent to the canoe club.

The TLS plan, as one would expect,looks good to me but I still question why there has to be any provision for car parking on what should be a key area of public open space.


It will add to the process of Weybridge facing the river. It may lead to a name change ‘Weybridge-facing-the-Thames, but fear this would cost too much.

Will Sustrans contribute? [They sponsor the path]. A clear sign to the ferry should be included. Our links with The Gateway project should be utilised…or is it they who are proposing?

Can anything be done to make the slipway to launch small craft which adjoins this usable? It would be a real asset. Nearest usable at present is at Cowey Sale. Weybridge sailing Club could advise and possibly contribute.

While something needs to be done about the car park,nothing is mentioned about the use of the car park by members of Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club. Have they been consulted? I would suggest the views of the club are sought. Much is being made of residents and visitors enjoying the view,what about considering the members of the rowing club who will not be able to park and need to launch boats from their boathouse. This certainly has the Weybridge Society stamped all over it. The Boat House as it is curtly described, is the Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club! As a walking user of the tow path from this area, I am often alarmed at the speed of cyclists of all ages joining the tow path from Thames Street. Next thing will be Elmbridge installing parking meters! .
The map provided is indecipherable. My attitude may change if I could read it!

Under separate email I will send a couple of photographs of the area showing the tow path in flood in January 2014

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