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Why we need more Liberal Democrat Councillors

I’m delighted to be standing as a Liberal Democrat Councillor candidate for Elmbridge Borough Council.  I have seen the hard work they do and the difference they make. Over the last couple of years, the Lib Dem team in coalition with the Residents Group on the Council have: 

  • Supported our local economy with our Elmbridge Enterprise Fund and the £1m Walton BID town centre investment project
  • Boosted our local businesses during the pandemic with £30m in direct business support to help our local high streets and businesses during the pandemic, including
    • Providing 100 grants to retailers to adapt to social distancing
    • Targeting funds to local businesses to help them sell online, improve their shop signage or get masterclass support
    • Helping to launch over 20 new businesses in the past 12 months.
  • Introduced two new “bring banks” for food and drink carton recycling in Walton and Weybridge.
  • Declared a climate emergency, with far-reaching actions to become a carbon neutral borough. 
  • Improved elderly day care services and set up a new community centre for dementia.
  • Provided up to £15,000 of funding for energy efficiency upgrades through the Green Jump scheme.
  • Continued to oppose the top-down imposition of unacceptable housing targets by the Conservative Government that would threaten our valued open spaces and protected Green Belt.
  • Resisted the attempt by the Conservative-led Surrey County Council to remove local decision-making through the creation of a unitary authority.
  • Managed our local finances prudently and effectively, despite the huge pressures on Councils as a result of the pandemic, and have put in place a balanced budget for the coming year.

It’s a strong record and one that I would like to help build upon.  This year, we have a chance to elect more Liberal Democrat Councillors; people who care, are decent and competent, and who will stand up for local people and defend essential services.  The more Liberal Democrats we elect, the more change we can make.

As a teacher, I have seen at first hand the superb work already being done by our councillors and candidates to support our children and young people, including the successful recent laptop campaign which has provided much-needed home-learning devices to 40 pupils across the Borough. 

I’m proud to stand alongside this great local team. As the candidate for Molesey West on Elmbridge Borough Council in the May elections, I look forward to being able to build on the hard work and impressive achievements of our Liberal Democrat Councillors and to continue to make our great community even better.

It’s Time to Care.

Phil Stevenson is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Molesey West. Find out more about Phil and all the Liberal Democrat candidates for Elmbridge and for Surrey County Council here: